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When your friendly uniform columnist was a wee lad, his father pointed out that most MLB teams wore their team name on their white home jerseys and their city name on their road grays. “That’s because you should be humble when you’re a guest in someone else’s house,” he explained. cheap jerseys.”Just tell them where you’re from, but don’t scream your name at them.”Let’s call this uniform protocol NAH-COR — short for “Name at home, city on road.” It’s not clear whether humility really has anything to do with how the NAH-COR style came about (let’s face it, humility isn’t a big component of the sports scene), but it’s worth noting that the NAH-COR standard hasn’t always been etched in stone. In fact, it’s been more the exception than the rule for most of MLB history.cheap jerseys from china.For example, if we look at all of the MLB uniforms from 1933, only four of the 16 teams were in the NAH-COR category. Ten years later, in 1943, the number was up to eight out of 16. Twenty years after that, in 1963, by which time the leagues had expanded, the NAH-COR number was still only 10 out of 20. And a decade after that, in 1973, the number had actually gone down to nine out of 24.

A change of scenery isn’t the only alteration, though. cheap china jerseys.Players competed in skill competitions and entertaining sideshows such as dodgeball on Thursday. Perhaps most notably, the league has thrown away the fantasy football-inspired drafting format and once again split the rosters between the AFC and NFC.Though its popularity has waned, and its future has been questioned, it is hard to ignore the impact of the Pro Bowl. throwback jerseys.It serves as a nice appetizer before Super Bowl week.